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If you fly – you have stories
perhaps of how air flight is not what it used-to-be and how a greyhound bus ride is more practical and civilized

We still find the trip to the airport exciting. You will see the best in people and the worst in people, so this is the chance to exhibit your best behavior.

Last year (January 2015) we arrived at Charles de Gaulle Airport (Paris) on New Years Day to discover the return flight home been cancelled. Maybe if we arrived 2 hours in advance, things could have been slightly different. We spent the whole day at the airport with a meal voucher that no one would accept. Arrived in New York (JFK) minutes before everyone at the airline counter went home and practically had to beg for a hotel room. After an airport rail shuttle, we waited almost an hour in the January chill for the bus to a hotel. Arrived home a day late. In retrospect, we might have spent an extra night in Paris instead of the tedious day at the airport
(this story compliments of American Airlines)

Also, although we made reservations for this trip in early January, we received a cryptic and somewhat anonymous voice mail during the summer – our flight had been cancelled. Instead of accepting the offer of an inferior flight with a layover, we spent an extra $100.00 to find a replacement non-stop flight. The seat was perilously close to the rear commode.
(this story compliments of Delta Airlines)

High Winds and Flight Delays
The prior year (December 2013), after hours of maintenance delays (standing at the gate and waiting on the plane while “paperwork” was completed) we departed for Paris. In the hour before landing at Charles de Gaulle, the pilot informed passengers that high winds had closed the airport and rerouted the flight into Zurich. Because of all the delays, the crew had already spent the maximum time allowed on the aircraft and couldn’t fly us back to Paris. Instead, we boarded a bus from Zurich to Paris, a road trip which took about as long as the trans-Atlantic-flight earlier in the day (but without the in-flight entertainment, meals and flight attendants). The bus arrived at the empty Paris Airport around midnight. No Metro. No ATMs. The taxi fare amounted to $100 in US dollars, which was never reimbursed. The first day in Paris was spent on a bus from Zurich to Paris
(this story compliments of American Airlines)

In December 2012 we purchased reasonably priced tickets, thru Washington DC, and then Toronto, before arriving in Paris. This makes a long day and short night before your first day in Paris. Maybe we should have found a spot to lay-down for a nap. On the positive side: the flight from Toronto to Paris on Air Canada – one of our favorite airlines.

Air flight is not for sissies
However, this vigorous experience is still an adventure

These inconvenient, wastes of time and money seem inexcusable, although it is always better than compromising flight safety. On the positive side, customer service staff always impress, especially when they arranged alternative flights for a plane of irate passengers. Choices of flights were provided to passengers and our difficulties arriving late into an airport should have been predictable. Lessons were learned and stories earned. In some ways we enjoy the puzzle of challenges moving thru the maze that is travel.

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