Why Museums?

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Once each year, we spend this week immersed in museums

It may be enough to spend one day exposed to “Masterpieces”
But, after that day, you start taking-them-for-granted, which is good because you can begin to form your own opinions

We join the pilgrimage up the stairs past Winged Victory to see the Mona Lisa at the Louvre 1st-thing each day. It never gets old. Then roam these majestic spaces, sometimes extremely crowded, first just attempting to identify the artist.

And are surprised when a “Picasso” does not look like a “Picasso” or when we mistake another artist’s work for a “Picasso”

And then we begin to appreciate that “Picasso” extends far from the sculpture in the local plaza or the selected painting in the Art Institute. You begin to appreciate the range of his work and how it influenced other art.

but only for one week . . .


2015 Paris Itinerary

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