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Preparing for a summer trip to Ireland spurred us to consider final preparations preceding travel
Excitement builds when the plane flies tomorrow. How can you travel light, pack everything you need but not omit essential items?

There are several classic quotes which submit that the journey is just as important as the destination. We find that to be true.

Here are some tasks to consider, last minute, before your travels to Paris

Place Mail on Hold
and use this as an excuse for some extensive house cleaning
(how would you want your survivors to find the place, in your absence)

Notify Credit Cards of Foreign Travel
Determine which banks you should use while abroad

Adjust Cell Phone Plan
Determine your wireless strategy while abroad
Fortunately, even foreign calls are included in some phone plans

Your Flight

Did you bring earphones to listen to the in-flight media and movies
Otherwise you will be lucky if you even receive flimsy headphones
An L-Shaped Plug is preferred

You can’t bring bottled water through the security check
But you can bring a water bottle and fill it after clearing security at a drinking fountain

Travel Documents
Plane Tickets
Hotel Reservations
Are your Credit Cards Up-to-Date
(we never remove cash from Debit Cards, we didn’t notice that the Card has expired)
A good reason to carry 100 euros

Itinerary and Maps
Know where you are going and how to get there
Leave early for the airport (to start-off the trip on-the-right-foot)
What are your connections upon arrival
Directions and Maps to Accommodations and Important Addresses throughout your trip

A Portable Desk
Important phone numbers and addresses for correspondence
Stationary, Paper, Envelopes, Business Cards, Note Cards and Index Cards
Writing Implements: a collection of your favorite pens

Electronics Toys and Connections
Bring 1 (better 2) converter outlets
I usually leave one in the outlet (they are inexpensive in bulk and Very Expensive at the Airport)
A second (perhaps inactive) smart phone, for streaming hotel Wi-Fi
You can’t stream certain content (Netflix) in Europe

U.S. Global Postcard Stamps
Or buy French Stamps at the airport upon arrival
(which have so much more cachet and authenticity)
Our last postcard mailed from Europe bore not postal cancellation and with the US Global Postcard Stamp, there was not evidence that it was even mailed from outside the U.S.

And wear your best pair of underwear
(taking a trip is a great time to buy some new undergarments)

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step (Lao Tzu)

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