Let’s Cook a Duck

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That is cruel and nasty. Humans r supposed to b veg/vegan, and eating animals is wrong and unhealthy.
Leave the poor ducks alone u evil carnivore
-Matt Hancock


The next Cook a Duck is scheduled for
Saturday, January 16th
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Duck Confit:
A Traditional Method of Preserving Duck for the Winter, involving salt and fat
It is flavored, slow cooked than finished under the broiler to crisp the skin
Confit is similar to Confiture where the moisture is cooked out of fruit for preserves, and denatured perhaps by adding sugar so that it can be stored.
Pieces of Duck are sprinkled with salt, herbs and garlic, to both flavor and extract moisture – sitting overnight in refrigerator.
Then rinse or wipe-off salt and submerge in duck fat to slow-cook, sometimes we have used lard
Now-a-days we serve the duck almost immediately, but it can be stored for extended periods submerged in a cask of solidified fat

Duck Paillard:
We frequently cook Chicken Paillard as a means of preparing chicken breasts to avoid them drying-out during cooking. They are pounded thin to cook fast and can be stored in oil and herbs.
By the time a fat chicken breast is cooked-through-the-center it can be dry and tough on the outside. So we pound a duck breast (which may be sacrilegious) We grill it skin (and fat) side down (medium rare) after at least an overnight in herbs and oil
(NO SALT until immediately before cooking)

Duck Stock:
Use all the remaining Parts of the Duck
Roast the Bones for Stock
Reserve the Fat for Confit or maybe cooking Potatoes
Create Stock, Gravy, Jus or Demiglace


Day #1
Butcher the Goose
Roast the remaining Carcass to color and render fat
Salt and Season the Legs and Thighs overnight
Pound and Flavor Breasts and Store in oil

Day #2
Confit the Legs and Thighs in Fat
Create and Reduce Stock (and sauce)of Roasted Bones

Grill or Saute Paillard
Crisp Skin on Confit
Sauce on Side


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