Potager (Kitchen Garden)

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Community Potager Garden
Providing Food Aesthetically Joyful

Community Garden

Community Garden Opportunity in Uptown Chicago:

if you always wanted to have your own tomato plant, but had no place to put it . . .

if you are plagued by rabbits and dream of a garden way up in the air, away from varmints, with direct sun and a garden hose . . .

if you are looking for a volunteer project which will benefit a local soup kitchen . . .

if you want to become involved in the design, the planning and planting of this plot at it’s very inception

if you have big ideas, creativity and a “vision”

if you are a teacher, a hard worker or have botanical knowledge to share

if you have some extra seeds or want to buy us some seeds

if you want to plant flowers and design the perfect combination of textures, colors, heights . . .

if you want to spend time in the sun, get dirty and eat produce directly from the garden

if you don’t know what a “Potager” is . . .
(it’s an ornamental kitchen (or vegetable) garden
think flavors and color, edible flowers,
herbs and vegetables

Then you should tell us that you are interested and

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You will receive an update before the end of the month

Maybe we will see you this summer

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