Why should I join the Waiting List?

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The Waiting List is how we assemble our group

As the roster builds, members of the waiting list will communicate, congeal and plan our days in Paris.
These communications do not appear on the web site.

The $250.00 entry fee is more than it was last year, but it is a reasonable commitment.
(and is fully refundable at any time prior to December 1st, 2016)

The entry fee also defrays your expenses in Paris, which include:

Gatherings at the end of the day, frequently hosted in someone’s hotel room – kind of a picnic, party and social hour
(or in the hotel lobby, a café, wine bar or bistro)

The occasional group Breakfast, Lunch or Special Dinner
One example is Breakfast, Christmas Morning after the Dawn Service at Notre Dame

Tickets to a special event which we agree upon such as
Movie tickets Christmas Day, a Church Concert or maybe even a Theater Event

And Sundry expenses. Maybe you need a metro ticket, postage stamp, cup of coffee, a spare euro or reimbursement for group expenses

If you participate in group events you will recoup most of your entry fee. But should you miss one of them, the entry fee is still a good investment. We have never charged for our time, and the benefits you receive are worth more than the entry fee.

You will find this competitive with the alternatives, primarily because, you book both your travel and lodging. We offer advice to ease your way.

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