Place de la Concorde

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Concorde Fountains

This largest of public squares in Paris measures 7.6 Hectares
(a hectare equals 10,000 square meters)
King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette where executed on this site by guillotine in 1793, when it was called Place de la Révolution

Located west of Musée de l’Orangerie and the Tuileries Garden that extends east to Musée du Louvre

The Paris Marathon begins near the Arc de Triomphe, follows the Champs-Élysées east, then circles the Place de la Concord, which holds
-an Eqyptian Obelisk (exalting the reign of the pharaoh Ramesses II)
flanked by two nautical themed fountains
-the Northern Fontaine des Fleuves is devoted to rivers, with figures representing the Rhone and Rhine commemorating commerce on the rivers of France, industry, and agriculture
-the Southern Fontaine des Mers is devoted to the seas, with figures reprsenting the Atlantic and Mediteranian and commemorates maritime navigation, commerce and astronomy

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