What to Buy

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We purchase items in Paris for various reasons:

At the Airport:
Post Office: (if open): Post Card Stamps

Train Tickets:
RER Tickets into City
10 Metro Ticket Carnet

Paris Office of Tourism (if open)
Paris Museum Pass

Grocery Supplies:
Dijon Mustard

First Day Grocery:
Le Grenier à Pain:
Pain aux Cereales
Financiers aux Framboises
Madeleines pistache

Petite Pan Abricot

8 À Huit, Carrefour or Monoprix
French Table Cheese

Things we always buy:
Le Louvre Monthly Calendar
Louvre Page a Day Calendar

French Things (that we can’t buy at home)

Things that we bring from home
Instant Coffee

We look for things that taste incredible (“incroyable”)

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