Les Jardins du château de Versailles

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The Gardens of Versailles (official site)

The Palace of Versailles (the royal château or simply Versailles) may be crowded.
Even though this building is a true monstrosity, the narrow thresholds cause major bottlenecks, precluding movement from room to room at times.

That is why we like the Gardens, which we only visit in the dead of “winter” The leaves have dropped, the statuary and topiary are covered for the winter. (although December in Versailles, we seem to see mud more often then snow)

Apollo Fountain
Apollo Fountain

We choose to be at the front guard-house when it opens at 8:00 – for a Run. You pass through the front courtyard, around the side of the Palace, into the Gardens. We have the Gardens of Versailles all to ourselves. Start up among the fountains, run down through through the landscaping, finally around the canal, a major open space. We finish, returning to the Palace up in in the distance, at dawn.

By the time we return to the front courtyard, the tourists have already assembled in line for the Chateau. But for us, we have found our magic in the gardens
garden schematic

Beyond the Gardens of Versailles is the Park
(the Park is the open space further west of the gardens and includes the large space around the canal

Gardens of Versailles

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