Ma Bourgogne

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place du vosges

We ate here on our first trip to Paris although our initial memory is bad
It was our first experience at a restaurant which only accepted cash, which was an unpleasant surprise, and Dee had to chip-in for her lunch.

But in retrospect, we have a french roasted chicken – this was not on the menu. I ordered the flaming Tarte Tatain which was frequently being served, but it turned out to be a touristy desert, very strong acrid taste of cheap calvados, nothing like a tasty apple tart that we expected. The flame WAS impressive.

The Andouillette Sausage was excellent with a distinct taste and expertly grilled. I has so impressed that the lamb chop was served rare and juicy, they refused to overcook it.

Our prix fixe order was a little pricey when combined with a bottle of wine. (who ever said that wine is inexpensive in Paris?) especially since we were restricted from using our credit card.

The next table was crowded with two fashionable Parisian mothers and noisy children. We enjoyed their company. They ordered Steak Tartare, Pommes Frites and Champagne and were probably frequent diners.

This was the Paris restaurant experience that we are all looking for.

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