Huître (Oysters)

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Rue LaPic and Montmartre is littered with seafood shops with their tables spilling out onto the sidewalk

Our Bad experience: is that we bought mussels for a seafood stew while staying in an apartment with a kitchen – and got so SICK. This occupied several days and is very memorable in a very messy-kind-of-way. You really want to avoid food poisoning while on vacation. (although tasting new and different things will always be a part of our travels)

Our Good experience: we walk over to Au Pied de Cochon after the early Christmas service at Notre Dame. The place is empty, but the Onion Soupe is good. We also ordered the tiers of Oysters, which was too much food, but a good memory

Our Next Experience: we buy a crate of Oysters to eat on our own with cocktail sauce, horseradish, lemon and hot sauce.

Why a landlocked city like Paris associates itself so closely to the Oyster is a mystery

Last year we celebrated Christmas morning at Au Pied de Cochon with Oysters and French Onion Soupe

We remember seeing street carts selling crates of oysters on New Years Eve in the 7e (arrondisement)
Many establishments offer extravagant seafood platters.

Julia Child: Fresh Food (National Public Radio)
Oysters on the Half Shell

The Oyster King and the Seagull Test The Splendid Table

The First Time I Ate an Oyster Alicia Kennedy (Hazlitt)

(one Christmas we bought mussels on the streets of Montmartre, made a delicious mussel stew in our apartment – and became DEATHLY sick)

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