Arc de Triomphe

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Arc de Triomphe
Place de l’Étoile, Paris, France

On the Champs-Élysées
Pronounced: shans-ellie-zay
(the “mp” becomes an “n”)

Place Charles de Gaulle
Place de L’Étoile (meaning Square of the Star)
meeting point of 12 avenues

Getting to the Top
If you have a Museum Pass, avoid the long line in the underground tunnel and head to the front of the line, where you will begin the climb up a LONG circular iron staircase to an unexpected Tourism Center toward the top, with “vintage” bathrooms (la salle de bain) circa 1940

The rooftop was anti-climactic for us – it is so barren, but you will experience the Axe Historique (Historical Axis) inspired in part by Washington D.C. where a series of monuments are placed along this axis.
For urban planners this is coup of historic symbolism

Furthermore, the orientation is on a 26° angle (following the course of the sun rising in the east, setting in the west as it travels over:
-The Louvre
-The Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel
-The gardens of the Tuileries
-The Place de la Concorde and the Egyptian obelisk
-The Arc de Triomphe (sur les Champs-Élysées)
-The Esplanade de La Défense and
-The Arche de La Defense

In contrast, the stone steps to the towers of Notre Dame seemed twice the climb. The slightly uneven and imperfect stone steps are approximately the same height as the Arc de Triomphe. The view down on the Seine is much better and there is so much up-in-the tower to see: the gargoyles, bells, Saints, spires and towers, the integration with the cathedral rooftop. The masonry! Well worth the climb!

For other good views, we suggest:
-The Plaza at La Defense
-Sacre Couer
-The top floor balconies at Centre Pompidou
(although, we have never been to the top of Tour Eiffel)

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