Recycled Paris

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Severed Heads

Some of the most revered works of art in Paris have been –
Reclaimed, Restored and Recycled just like Paris itself:

Vénus et les Trois Grâces offrant des présents à une jeune fille
Venus and the Three Graces Presenting Gifts to a Young Woman
“This fresco is one of a set of three discovered under a coat of whitewash in the loggia of the Villa Lemmi in 1873″ (

Monumental statue of the Sun King on horseback
But Louis XIV was losing interest in the Tuileries. He had turned his attention to a hunting lodge he decided to make the center of his court and of France — the Palace of Versailles — and he ruled from there for the next 44 years after spending his last night at the Tuileries, which was also his last night in Paris, in February 1671.

Bernini, back in Rome, sculpted a monumental statue of the Sun King on horseback. But when it finally was delivered to Louis, after the artist’s death, the monarch hated it. In 1685 he had it relegated it to an obscure corner of the gardens at Versailles. Only 300 years later, and almost in secret, would it suddenly be given new prominence.

The Six Continents (D’Orsay)
Six ContinentsCOLOR4

Winged Victory Louvre

The Louvre Courtyard
As workmen occupy the Courtyard of the Louvre (during the 80’s) constructing the Grand Louvre project including the Pyramid, there was major restoration of the facade. Much like myself, Paris is ageing and requires continuing work. We have heard of the local law which requires that the exteriors of buildings in Paris must be washed on a periodic basis

Notre Dame Gallery
Severed Heads at Cluny Museum
Severed Heads

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