Cour Lefuel (Louvre)

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Courtyard within the walls of the Denon Wing

Open to the elements (without a roof) and visible from windows looking out to the (inner) courtyard

Contains an interesting “Horse Ramp”
(which led-up-to Emperor Napoleon’s Stables)

At the base of the ramp are four statues of mastiffs

Mastiff with puppies (Rouillard)

Of the six (6) internal courtyards (enclosed on all four sides within the Louvre, this is the only courtyard which is not covered.
(Perhaps this is a potential area for expansion, to cover and increase the area of display)
Courtyard Diagram
Courtyards (Cour du Palais du Louvre)

Named after French Architect Hector Lefuel
Who is known for completion of the Palais du Louvre, including the reconstruction of the Pavillon de Flore after a disastrous fire

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