The Coronation of Napoleon

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The Coronation of Napoleon (Jacques-Louis David)
Le Sacre de Napoléon

Musée du Louvre
Denon Wing (South Wing of the Louvre)
1st Floor
Large-Format 19th Century French Paintings Gallery
Room 75 Salle Daru Neoclassicism, France
The Coronation of the Emperor Napoleon I and the Crowning of the Empress Joséphine in Notre-Dame Cathedral on December 2, 1804 (Le Louvre)

You would think that this grand painting engineered by Napoleon himself would be the largest painting in the Louvre
(but you would be wrong)

The largest painting is The Wedding at Cana (Paolo Veronese) positioned opposite the Mona Lisa in the Salle des Etats (Room 771)
Napoleon’s French Revolutionary Army plundered the painting from the Venetians and the French never gave it back
(partly because it is just too big)Wedding at Cana

Denon Wing (South Wing of the Louvre)
1st Floor
Room 6 Salle des Etats, Italy
Mona Lisa Room

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