Le Louvre (My Favorite Things)

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Waiting in the Napoleon Courtyard at the Pyramid for entry into the Musee
(there is more decoration on the building than you could cover in one day)

Winged Venus at the top of the Denon Staircase
(originally this was the staircase into the palace)

The run up to the Mona Lisa
(the painting is a mystery and the hype interests me)
For me the attraction is the painting by Veronese on the opposite wall
(The Largest Painting in Le Louvre)

The Gallerys of Large French Paintings

The Grande Gallery

People Watching and the distracting cell phone users drifting from painting to paint snapping cellphone photos

The Gift Shop
(Some of your best souvenenirs)

The Courtyards, especially the Sculpture Courtyards

The Northern European Art
Rembrant, Vermeer, Van Dyke, Rubens

The places I initially avoid
Ground Floor of Denon (the former stables)
Sully (the former Palace)

Getting Lost at Le Louvre

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