Grand Palais

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Place Clemanceau

Paris is so big and so extraordinary, that there is always something new to see.

One year while starting the Paris Marathon down the Champs Elise, we were somewhere we had never been before, and noticed the silhouette of Charles de Gaul along the route. Général de Brigade and Prime Minister of France

Turns out, this is the Clemenceau Metro Stop at the Grand Palais. In addition to the Charles de Gaul Statuary, you will find figures of Clemenceau (another French Prime Minister) and another surprising of the remarkable Sir Winston Churchill.

Atop the Grand Palais is the Four Flying Horses with Chariot (Georges Récipon) cover with a green patina.

As a bonus
The Petit Palais across the street, presenting the art collection of the City of Paris. Surprisingly good, we might compare it the L’Orangerie

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