Nonstop Flights

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Months in advance, when we are shopping for flights, we are tempted to book the cheapest flight, even though it is not Nonstop.

This is an innocent decision, you can explore new cities, save big money
and sometimes it works out well

Sometimes it is best to take the financial hit (deferred gratification)
Connecting flights combine several airlines, come with restrictions

With the additional flight time:
-You will board aircraft multiple times, waiting in lines, finding space in the overhead storage
-You will arrive later on your first day (before the inevitable delays) and
-You will return home on an extended flight, meaning additional hours and several boarding procedures This at a time when you just want to get home

So shop around

When you can, purchase the flight directly from the airline.
You can choose your seat and your meal options
Perhaps a kosher meal or spicy vegetarian option

Register with the airline for frequent flyer awards (which is never productive)
Obtain the airline’s credit card.
These may give you boarding priority, baggage allowances and meal options
In terms of receiving discounts on flights . . . (as we can tell this is a scam)

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