Hammam Spa

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The ultimate spa day (Sundays and Tuesdays for Men)
Women on remaining days
A rough and abrasive defoliation
Followed by a deep massage
It’s a scary foreign men’s locker room bathhouse environment
If the experience is as authentic and intense as we hope,
then this would become a part of our annual itinerary

Secret Places in Paris You Didn’t Know Existed

Paris Hammam

A trip to a foreign land is exciting and invigorating whether it is confronting a new language and cultural barrier, navigating the Paris streets and metro, as well as the prospect of descending underground, down into the catacombs and sewers.

But for us perhaps the next scary, unfamiliar and physically invigorating experience is the Hammam at the Paris Mosque.

As we envision this, you bring your own towel and toiletries, lock everything into a flimsy locker, remove your clothes and cross your fingers.

There will be steam and heat, very abrasive (almost violent) exfoliation by a muscular attendant equipped with textured mittens, followed by a massage, then maybe some mint tea.

Sounds like weekends can be buzy, usually the days are segregated between days for men (Tuesdays and Sundays at the Paris Mosque) the remainder being days exclusively for women.

As a guy, the best day would probably be Tuesdays

Steam Bath, Sauna, Soaking
Grommage (exfoliation)


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Spa Therapy: Navigating Paris’ Hammam Scene

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Secret Places in Paris You Didn’t Know Existed

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