Lyft and Uber (Shared Rides)

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For years, we relished the bus ride to the airport
Waiting for the Elevated Train to O’Hare

And then we discovered Lyft

It is amazing, until we opted for Shared Rides

This seems to be a loop-hole for Lyft
(it involves a side trip, the shared ride may not be to the airport, but a detour on the way to the airport)

In our experience, you may save several dollars
but the several dollars, is not worth the extra time driving around
especially when you intended to save time by taking Lyft

The Pick-Up seems to take longer (because it is a shared ride)
They may be picking up someone else
Once in the vehicle, a shared ride could be added extending the ride time by 20 minutes

The latest ride was the most disappointing
I hailed the ride, scheduled for pick up in 6 minutes
(it was closer to 15, the driver called me from departures, instead of arrivals)
Then another ride was accepted and we rode into an industrial district, where I felt a little unsafe

That rider had a direct point-to-point ride at my expense. It is unpredictable

Next time, maybe don’t opt for a shared ride

Or maybe we go back to grass-roots and take the bus
(old school)

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