pouce et quatre doigts

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Thumb and Four Fingers
We have a game plan of our priorites for the visit to Paris
This involves avoiding the tourists (as if that is possible in the World’s largest tourist destination)

un deux trois quatre cinq

un (one)
Planning and Logistics
It is about the Journey (not just the destination)
Which Days, Which Plane, Which Hotels
Our Trip to Paris extends for 10 Days, but he planning occupies the whole year

deux (two)
French Art and Culture in Paris Museums
Discover, Catalogue and Unravel the Louvre
The Wings, The Floors, The Rooms, The Stairways, The Courtyards
It is a grand place, but we hope to never get lost in the Louvre Again
(and then there are the plethora of other Paris Museums)

trois (three)
Moving Around and Sleeping in Paris
Churches, Cemeteries, Bridges, Statues, Fountains, Gardens
We typically stay outside of Central (Tourist) Paris
(this defined as within walking distance of Le Louvre)
We move every other night
Ten Nights – Five Neighborhoods – Five Moves Between Hotels
This is a little work, sometimes it seems inconvenient
But it yields a much more complete picture of Paris
And a refreshing perspective of Paris every couple days

quatre (four)
It is he 21st Century, some of the best French Restaurants may be in outside of French.
And you can buy good french bread, french cheese and french wine anywhere
But only in Paris can you shop among the top Boulangeries
Sniff cheeses at Fromageries (or common groceries as we prefer)
And drink French Wines and Champaign in the place is was produced

cinq (five)
The Fifth Business involves a willingness to get Lost In Paris
We have about 10 years experience negotiating the Metro, but still lose our bearings
And when you climb onto a bicycle, all bets are off, everything looks different on a bicycle
And we run. We run early into the night
And we try to find the next-next, because in Paris there is so much more see

six (six)
We don’t have polydactylism, but if we did have an additional sixth digit . .
It would be a pnumonic device to remind us to learn French
Paris is much better if you speak French

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