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This year, we will stay in Five Hotels (Cinq Hôtels) during our time in Paris

We mostly stay at four of the big hotel chains
This is our preference developed over the eight years which we have traveled to Paris
Sofitel, Pullman, Mercure and Novotel
The rooms are clean and consistent
(we have sampled many others)
We stay on the outskirts of the Paris to explore the whole city
(away from major tourism, if you can achieve such a thing in Paris)
The rooms are Big and Affordable
Half the time we have Suites (“separate” bedrooms)
Most of the time, a generous “big-time” hotel breakfast is included

Versailles (outside of Paris in Versailles arrondisement)
Monday, December 23rd -Check-In (2:00)
Wednesday, December 25th -Check-Out (12:00)
Hôtel Le Louis, Versailles Château – McGallery By Sofitel
2 Bix Avenue De Paris, Versailles, Yvelines, 78000 France
Expedia Rating: **** (we rate it 4½)
We always return to this venue and have seen it ebb and flow
Since being acquired by Sofitel, the quality is supreme
We are not so crazy about touring the Palace, but we are impressed by its grand presence, just down the lane from our Hotel.
Most importantly, we can venture out into the morning darkness, when the gate opens and run in the Gardens of Versailles, virtually alone (Not everyone will appreciate this, but for us, it is a highlight of the visit)
If you can judge a hotel by it’s breakfast (which is actually a good indicator) than this is a great hotel
When possible avoid the crowded weekends in Versailles, when the train from Paris is a Zoo
We remember arriving in Versailles, the train doors opened and a rush a people tried to board the train before we could get off the train (terrible mob mentality)
Versailles is closed on Monday
Junior Suite: We paid $250 per night (with Breakfast)

Montmartre 18e
Wednesday, December 25th -Check-In (12:00)
Friday, December 27th -Check-Out (12:00)
Mercure Paris Montmartre Sacre Coeur, Paris
1-3 Rue Caulaincourt, Paris, 75018 France
Expedia Ranking: **** (we rate it 3½, although we love this place)
A reliable and relatively inexpensive favorite in Montmartre
The Privileged Rooms on the upper floors with views are our preferrence
The view of Sacre Coeur forces you to crane your neck, the view of the Eiffel Tower requires that you squint at a blinking light far in the distance.
The windows in the hotel room open (we really like that)
Rue Lepic, Sacre Coeur, Montmartre Cemetery, Moulin Rouge, Pathe! Cinema
Privilege Room with View: We paid $174 per night (No Breakfast – Why Not?)

Bercy 12e
Friday, December 27th -Check In (2:00)
Sunday, December 29th -Check-Out (12:00)
Le Pullman Paris Centre
1 Rue de Libourne, 75012 Paris
We have had mixed results here, even so, we strongly recommend it
(it is like the train, most of the time it is extraordinary, but when there is a problem – there is no one to talk to and they are extremely unresponsive to any problems)
Primo Facility and Staff
Excellent Breakfast Buffet
This is a place which we prefer to stay
Very accessible along the Seine on a bike path or nearby Metro
A Wonderfully Luxurious Hotel, affordable because it is on the periphery
Junior Suite: We paid $289.00 per night (with Breakfast)

La Defense (outside Paris)
Sunday, December 29th -Check In (2:00)
Tuesday, December 31st -Check Out (we will leave mid-morning to airport)

33 Voie des Sculpteurs, Puteaux, Hauts-de-Seine, 92060 France
Expedia Rating: ***** (we also rate it a 5!)
Recently the prices have risen
We always believed this was an bargain, but his may attract an undesirable element
They are frequently slumped on furniture in the front lounge
Recently the breakfast buffet has slumped
(The salmon on the breakfast buffet was a little stinky, the room always has the undertones of the maid staff’s body odor and the desk staff is not well informed)
Even so, we stick-by the Sofitel at La Defense
The windows in the hotel room open (we really like that)
Located in an Exclusively Business District (with very little consumer commerce, except for the train station)
Clean Modern Plaza of Sculptures and La Grande Arche, Overlooking Paris
Classic Room: We paid $200 per night (with Breakfast)

Tuesday, December 31st -Check-In
Wednesday, January 2nd -Check-Out
Novotel Paris Est, Bagnolet
1 Avenue de la Republique, Bognolet, Seine-Seint-Denis, 93177 France
Expedia Rating: **** (we also rate it a 4)
We stayed in a Suite last year, the price was amazing. For the same price of our favorite Soffitel, we have a room TWICE the size, with a huge bathtub and so many closets that we left some items behind.
(the most annoying thing was that when we switched channels on the remote control, the television in the other room sprang to life – actually this is quite an absurd and luxurious annoyance)
This is the most towering of the hotels, in a suburban district of twisted expressways and parks
It is one metro station away from Pere LaChaise Cemetery and maybe our best chance to find that remarkable out-of-the-way Bistro
Suite: We paid $208 per night (with Breakfast)

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