Tour of Pere Lachaise

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Maybe the best cemetery in the world
(although I have been to few of them)

Departing from the Metro:
There is a McDonald’s, which I don’t avoid
A Post Office
A Bank Branch
While in the Neighborhood:
And a Found a Bakery Down a Side Street with a formidable Pan d’Epice (Spice Bread)
On the street to the cemetery, I sometimes buy flowers to leave on graves

Pere-Lachaise-colorAbelard and Heloise (The Ancient Lovers)

Enter on the Uphill Side
and theoretically walk down to the lower entry

Bring a Map (the app is frustrating)

Gertrude Stein (with Alice Tobias on the back side of the headstone)
ChopinFrédéric Chopin (Polish Composer)

Musicians and Composers

Maria Callas

morrisonrevisionsJim Morrison

Edith Piaf singingEdith Piaf

Louvre Artists


Recording Artists

Baron Antoine-Jean GROS (Division 25)
Gericaut (Raft of the Medusa)
(Modigliani across the street and up the hill)


Sarah Bernhardt
MarceauMarcel Marceau (famous mime) The only individual at Pere LaChaise that I’ve seen-in-person

Marcel Proust

Oscar Wilde's graveOscar Wilde (1st Stop)

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