Les Quatre Temps (La Defense)

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For many years, we traveled into Paris to purchase groceries and supplies, while staying in La Defense.
For some reason, we thought that this was a strictly commercial district, where shops closed early and on weekends, a food desert.

The Four Times (Les Quatre Temps)

Today we discovered that there is a huge shopping mall, including a 21 screen cinema, just a five minute walk away.
(in 2013, Les Quatre Temps is the most visited shopping center in France with 45.7 million visitors)
The center has been divided into four areas (raspberry, blackcurrant, mandarin, and kiwi). The colors of these new areas are reflected in its current logo. It means today “Morning, noon, evening and late”

Includes grocery and food stores
– Naturalia and
– Monoprix

That is Paris

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