Social Protest

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I was sitting with my Baseball Buddy (one of the few human’s interested in going to a baseball game) over breakfast

Was gabbing about how the French are know for their Social Protest.
Two women approached our table because we had the more interesting conversation and asked if they could join us

We can all support French Social Protest –

Until it interferes with our French Vacation

This year the protests are paired with striking transportation workers
so we are still untangling what this inconvenience may mean to our visit to Paris next week

On weekends the system is almost stopped and often severely clogged
The streets are crowded with cars and bikes

We have heard that some trains operate only during rush hour
So we wonder if we will be able to escape the airport
or should we be prepared to spend a night

How do we get out to Versailles?
We faced a similar issue when Versailles and the Rail were closed due to the riots

Should we depend on biking to our hotels and pack a duffel bag instead of a suitcase
It is always good to travel light

We have found some good sources of information

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