Strike Routes

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Social Protest

How to you go from CDG to Versailles on a Monday
-CDG to Gard du Nord (don’t know why the “B” stops there
-Walk to Gare St Lazar
Gare St Lazar to Versailles Rive Droit
(and walk)

Stay in Versailles, Good Hotel, Good Room and it might be unusually not-crowded
-Run in the Garden
-Christmas Eve Church Service
-Run Again

How to Go from Versailles to Montmartre
-Walk to Versailles Rive Droit
-Versailles Rive Droit to Gare St Lazare
-Walk to Montmartre

How to Travel Downtown from Montmartre
-Bicycle (although the Velib’ app shows bike racks at a low level)
-Walk to Saint Lazare and the the Metro

Travel to Bercy and La Defense are on the two Open Lines over the weekend (“Sweet”)

How to Travel to Bangnolet
-Take the 3B Tramway from Port de Vincennes (#1 Metro)

Back to CDG Aeroport
-3B Tram to Port de Vincenenes (#1 Metro)
-1 Metro to Chatelet
-4 Metro to Gard du Nord
(maybe take a taxi)

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