Strike Routes

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We we visited Paris during Yellow Vest Protests (Mouvement des gilets jaunes)
Some public transportation was closed
We needed to take alternate routes and often rode the Velib Bicyle

How to you go from CDG to Versailles on a Monday
-CDG to Gard du Nord (don’t know why the “B” stops there
-Walk to Gare St Lazar
Gare St Lazar to Versailles Rive Droit
(and walk)

Stay in Versailles, Good Hotel, Good Room and it might be unusually not-crowded
-Run in the Garden
-Christmas Eve Church Service
-Run Again

How to Go from Versailles to Montmartre
-Walk to Versailles Rive Droit
-Versailles Rive Droit to Gare St Lazare
-Walk to Montmartre

How to Travel Downtown from Montmartre
-Bicycle (although the Velib’ app shows bike racks at a low level)
-Walk to Saint Lazare and the the Metro

Travel to Bercy and La Defense are on the two Open Lines over the weekend (“Sweet”)

How to Travel to Bangnolet
-Take the 3B Tramway from Port de Vincennes (#1 Metro)

Back to CDG Aeroport
-3B Tram to Port de Vincenenes (#1 Metro)
-1 Metro to Chatelet
-4 Metro to Gard du Nord
(maybe take a taxi)

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