Roundabouts in Paris

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Roundabouts are in interesting element of Paris
There is usually a monument in the middle
Whenever I enter a Roundabout on a Bicycle is plenty of car horn honking

Recently I went out into the dark, my last morning in Paris
hoping to run into Paris, along the Seine amidst the Eiffel Tour, Louvre and Notre Dame
The route encountered an Roundabout where I would enter in one side and exit the other side, proceeding into Paris

As it turned out, I entered the Roundabout, proceeded completely around and exited where I came in, now running completely in the opposite direction then I intended

(what can not be explained is how I could run completely around the Roundabout, why my backtrack was not recognised, why I continued so long after it was clear that something was terribly wrong. Perhaps I thought that I was on a parallel route.

St Louis

A defining moment was when I came upon St. Louis. Lost in Paris, in complete darkness, it was both uplifting and spiritual, but it emphasized my plight. I was passing Metro entrances which I could not locate on my map.

After some back tracking and even more back-and-forth, I made it back to the hotel after a good run and memorable experience of being Lost in Paris

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