Running Paris (2019)

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I look forward to running in Paris each year

A run through the Gardens of Versailles alone in the dark is thrilling
This year, I cancelled
The Transit Strikes reduced available trains, espcially Christmas Day
So I left Versailles early, and cancelled the run

La Defense to Louvre
La Defense offers various running alternatives, but recently I head back into Paris, perhaps down the Champs Ellise to La Louvre
The Tuilleries Gardens were closed, the gates locked, so we proceeded down the Rue Voltaire on the North Side of the Seine
Finding a gate open, we entered the Tuilleres, ran in the dark towards La Louvre, but that Gate was closed. We were trapped in the Tuillies, like being in a cage, exited where we came in (almost a mile of running)
Proceeded East to Louvre which was also fenced off
And we turned around, back to La Defense
There is construction West of Le Arc and inadvisedly we ran on the narrow margin of very busy major street, lots of horn honking, it becomes obvious when you do something really stupid

Let Run Paris
During the Transportation Strikes, the Saturday morning MeetUp runs were cancelled. A disappointment

Last Day in Paris Run
(see Roundabout Post)


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