Novotel Paris Est, Bagnolet

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Novotel Paris Est, Bagnolet

Once a treasured secret hotel
Great Price, Big Rooms, Huge Bathtubs

Then last year:
Bad Desk Service
Big Huge Room, but it felt old an not maintained
Tried the Breakfast Buffet, which was a disappointment

When a Hotel is a great bargain, it understandably attacks tourists
This big hotel seems understaffed at times
You wonder if the desk staff has any training

There was a wait for my room (and the desk staff was not helpful)
I left postcards at the front desk to be mailed when I left
(she said what do you want me to do with these?)
The Postcards arrived in the U.S. two months later

The Breakfast Buffet was nothing to return to
It is flooded with Airline Staff staying at the hotel
They stab their sausage with a fork, hold them up like a marshmallow on a stick, and then chew at the sausage
Lots of greedy people at a substandard Breakfast Buffet (no a pretty sight)
(it is understandable, but not acceptable at a mediocre buffet

Kinda Remote, but a Grand Hotel

We stayed in a Suite, although the cheapest Hotel while in Paris
Total High Rise, Way Up in the Air

Two Rooms
Two Televisions
Stocked Mini Bar
So Many Closets, that we left some things

We will return next year

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