New Things, Not Favorite Things

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We accumulate a list of our Favorite Things over the years and are tempted to build a comfortable cocoon of what our Paris Experience to be

But it is best to push ourselves to discover New Things. The beauty of Paris is that there is an endless reservoir of new experiences for us to tap

So we look for the next new hotel or street (rue) or restaurant or museum or park or monument . . .
If this is difficult, it is only because there are too many choices of New Things to add to our Paris Experience

Rodin Museum
Effel Tower Lunch
Madame Currie Museum
Massage (Hammam)
Picasso Musuem
Cimetière de Picpus
Delacroix Museum
Hôtel des 3 Collèges
Tête de veau
Une visite (a tour) of a museum or the cite on foot or, on bike, on boat, on bus, in car) or electric scooter
Although I am definitely inclined to be a “do-it-yourself-er”

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