Fractional France

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The Louvre has three Wings, each with at least three floors
But we always start with the Denon Wing: 2nd Floor (“1er Etage” [story or stage])
And only 10% of the “Collection” in on view, any given day

The Centre Pompidou is a massive multi storied structure
But we always go up to one of the top floors with the permanent collection
To our detriment, we avoid the special shows

Musee D’Orsay, this former train station has five stories of rooms on each side of a central sculpture courtyard
However, we always start be climbing up to the permanent collection of Impressionist Art

L’Orangerie, is a relatively small venue which we love, because we can see EVERYTHING in a short period of time
And every painting is worth a look, the most concentrated and efficient museum visit

We discovered the Grande Palais and the Pettit Palais, two great venues for permanent collections and art shows

Cluny Museum
Rodin Museum
Delacroix Museum

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