Hall of Fame Hotels

Several venues make our Hall of Fame Hotels which we recommend without reservation.

Soffitel (La Defense)
An elegant hotel at a great price
Technically you are outside of Paris (outside of the arrondisements)
But at an elevation above Paris, you can look down the Champs Ellisese
The Huge Arche at La Defense is lined-up with the Arc de Triumpe and
The public plaza in this commercial district are strewn with public sculpture and fountains
Other than an expensive wine shop there are no shops or restaurants
But we found it close-enough

Pullman Carsalles Chateau (Versailles)
Another luxury hotel outside of Paris
Just a spit from the Palace of Versaille – stop by when the lines aren’t horrendous
and get up early to jog through the gardens in early morning (the best jog in Paris)
Skip the new commercial district beyond the train station, although we recommend the market there
Instead visit the historical retail district down beyond the train station (for boulangerie, grocery and wine)

Special Mention

Proximity to Rue Lapic, Sacre Coueur, Montmartre Cemetery and Cinema Complex (a wonderful neighborhood)
Not chic, but large and clean, we were impressed by the bag of treats on Christmas Morning
I’ve read that it is not easy to find a good hotel in Montmartre
A touch seedy, but not dangerous. Heavy Traffic, and a neighborhood with character

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