La fontaine Stravinsky

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Stravinsky Fountain
Centre Pompidou
Fontaine des Automates A View on Cities

Other Fountains

Luxenbourg (6e)
Médici Foutain Un Jour de plus à Paris

Pantheon (5e)
The Story Behind The Saint Michel Fountain Paris By Foot

La Defense
Fontaine Esplanade de la Defense
Fontaine d’Agam

Les Halles (1e)
Fontaine des Innocents
Fontaine des Innocents

Montmartre (18e)
Fountain Square Suzanne Buisson Walking Tour of Montmartre (Rather Luvly)
The fountain consists of a semi-circular basin, dominated by the stone statue of Saint-Denis holding his head in his hands. According to legend, it is at this holy place where he washed his head after decapitation in 250. Thereafter he continued on his way – head under his arm, to the crypt of the Saint-Denis basilica , where he was buried

Palace of Versailles
Bassin d’Apollo (Apollo Fountain)
Apollo Fountain

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