Soutine (Chaim Soutine)

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“My paintings are a heap of shit, but better than Modigliani, Marc Chagall, and Krémènge”


The largest collection of Soutine Paintings is on display at L’Orangerie

22 Paintings by Chaim Soutine Musée de l’Orangerie

The most recent Museum Guide of L’Orangerie classifies the style of Soutine (and Maurice utrillo) as Turmoil and Bursting Exuberance
“the orangerie has the largest collection of Chaim Soutine’s paintings in Europe, and the final section in the museum presents the powerful, tormented works of both Soutine and Maurice Utrillo. these paintings reflect the eclecticism of Paul Guillaume who saw no conflict between the gentle beauty of a Renoir, and the violence of a Soutine. early in his career as an art dealer”
Musee de l’Orangerie (Plan and Guide)

Chaim Soutine’s ‘Bellboy’ has psychological potency in every agitated brushstroke (WSJ)
Bell Boy

Carcass by Soutine (1925)

We like the paintings of Soutine
-because he is a less well-known
-his images are a little crooked, though distinct and recognizable
-the use of bold and deep color
-and he is buried in Paris (Montparnasse Cemetery)

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