Palace of King Sargon II (Louvre)

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Near Eastern Antiquities

Khan Academy

Cour Khorsabad
Richelieu wing
Ground floor
Room 4

The Two Large Courtyards (Puget and Marley) on the Ground Floor “Entresol” of the Richelieu Wing hold a wealth of French Sculpture,
But proceed further back through the Cour Puget into a foreign place . . .
Palace of King Sargon II (in the Cour Khorsabad) is so exquisitely displayed and perfectly restored, that we are apt to say “What’s the Big Deal.” If there was some filth, some cracks and chips, we might be more impressed
(the Cour du Sphinx in the Denon Wing puzzles together strings long “stories” in sculpture – there are missing pieces and gaps which remind us of what an accomplishment this collection represents)

Palace of Sargon II Impressions Travelogue

Frieze of the Transportation of Timber (Mesopotamia) (Louvre)

Winged human-headed bull (Louvre)

The Hero Overpowering a Lion (Louvre)the

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