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Shopping in Paris

Museum Gift Shops: Stationary and Art Supplies

Chocolate Shops: Sample Chocolate Squares
A small square of chocolate fits into Birthday Cards
and still qualifies for 1st Class Postage

Big Bottle of Cheap French Cologne (Eau de toilette)
Which we sprinkle over our clothes all week, the scarf
Maybe carry 2oz bottles so that we can carry some home

Our major rule, is to shop later, maybe the last day of our week
(Otherwise, you will haul the extra weight from hotel to hotel each day)

Also to find things that we can’t find at home

i.e. that piece of cheese, you can probably buy back at home
That parfume, can probably be purchased at the duty-free shop at the airport

Toiletries at Pharma

Printemps (Great View from 9th Floor, best map of Paris)

Galleries Lafayette

Paris Food Shops:

Page d’accueil
Cheese: dunroamin 51 Rue de Grenelle
None 12 58 Rue Tiquetonne, 75002 Paris