Which Paris?

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When we think of Paris, which Paris are we thinking about

Woody Allen’s movie (Midnight in Paris) explores this question when Owen Wilson travels back to the (turn of the century)salons of Gertrude Stein with F. Scott Fitzgerald, Picasso, Hemingway, etc.
An eventual travels further back in time to the Belle Époque (1871 to 1914)

During the Paris Revolution


Impressionist Painters

Jacques Louis David


Soldiers saving France during the World Wars

Revolutionary Wars (1776)
Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin
France’s General Lafayette assisting American during the Revolution

The Louvre in the time of Kings
(mostly just a good time to be a king)
But a great collection of art for perpetuity

A nice place to visit, hundred’s years later
(after they removed the guillotine and solved some sanitation issues)

The Louvre before the Pyramid

Paris Skyline before the Eiffel Tower
(and other buildings associated with the World’s Fair

Before Sacre Couer

Notre Dame

Before the Catacombs
Before the Sewers

Why Build Notre Dame
Why Collect Art From All Over the World
Why Archiologists escavated Winged Victory
Why Restore Middle-Eastern Monuments which would have been destroyed by war

The Military Industrial Complex
Paris has Artistic Collection Complex

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