Things we might not eat in Paris

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La Tentation de saint Antoine
Pigs Feet, Nose, Ears and Tail
Au Pied de Cochon Peech

Street Crepe
We’d been seeing Crepe Stands everywhere, which could mean that this is something that you can’t miss
But maybe this is a tourist cliche which you see mostly in heavy tourist areas, never with a long line.
So after a New Years Eve church concert we stopped at a Crepe Stand, ordered a savory Turkey and Cheese (admittedly a pretty bland combination) and it was a disappointment. It would have been better with salty ham or maybe nutella and banana.

In Bastille we came home after a church concert, really hungry and ordered a gyros from the corner store near our hotel, which seemed to be fairly well populated with a middle eastern clientele. Simple, skimpy potion of meat, greasy pita. YUCK

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