Sofitel Paris La Defense Puteaux

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We always end each visit to Sofitel Paris La Defense

Because we love visiting La Defense
There are many Places to Run
The Hotel is First Class
Cleanliness: Carpets, Rooms and Upholstery

We notice familiar hotels waxing and waning
Recently Sofitel Paris La Defense has declined:
Outdated Appliances:
-Dated iPhone docking of Bose-Type radio where comparable hotels have updated to bluetooth
-Dated electric teapot where other comparable hotels have updated to expresso machines
Cracks in Bathtub, Broken Switch in Bathroom

Hardly anyone at Breakfast compared to prior years
(although it was early New Years Day)
-Salmon was stinky and old
-Poached Egg had a “broken yolk” (I wouldn’t expect this at the Sofitel Paris)

The rooms also have a deep musky smell which I have noticed in past years,
Perhaps a strong “body odor” which lingers in the room
(remotely possible that this is a scent, but not pleasant to us)

The Front Desk Staff is always very professional although:
-charged a $100 Security Deposit for each night (which is new after many years)
-they temporarily lost my luggage and
-couldn’t explain why the city tax was twice that of all other hotels which we stayed at during the week

But We LOVE Sofitel Paris La Defense
Because it is removed from Central Paris,
The Rates are lower despite the Sofitel Name

As a Point of Reference:
The Sofitel Versailles (which has also waxed and waned)
and is also remote and relatively affordable
But their Front Desk Staff was impeccable
Their Breakfast was heavily attended (and easily twice as good)

(Except for a Fellow American who showed up in Gym Trunks and Flip-Flops which you might see in the Locker Room instead of the Sofitel Breakfast)
I keep my cell phone in my pocket, but this would have been a good photo

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