Closed for the Holidays

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One of the challenges of being in Paris for the Holidays is that sometimes it seems that everyday is either a Holiday or a Weekend day. So most days are holidays (when things and closed) or weekends (when things are very crowded)

In addition, it is not unusual for some establishments (especially restaurants) to close for a week between Christmas and New Years

Open or Closed Lists which Museums are closed during the Holidays
Although larger grocery stores may be closed, smaller convenience stores maybe still be open (those that are open can be really crowded)
Plan ahead, stock up and make Purchases before the Holiday
ATM Machines may be empty on Holidays, maybe even the afternoon before

In response, one of our goals is to maximize those remaining weekdays

Weekday Calendar 2019
(savor and the weekdays)
Friday, December 20th (depart for Paris)
Saturday, December 21st
Sunday, December 22nd
Monday, December 23rd
Tuesday, December 24th (Christmas Eve)
Wednesday, December 25th CHRISTMAS (Joyeux Noël!)
Thursday, December 26th
Friday, December 27th
Saturday, December 28th (Weekend)
Sunday, December 29th (Weekend)
Monday, December 30th
Tuesday, December 31st (New Years Eve)
Wednesday, January 1st NEW YEARS DAY (Bonne Année!)
Thursday, January 2nd (return to home)

Comme une Française

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