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La Basilique du Sacré Cœur de Montmartre

Hang out on the backside of Montmartre (Thrillist)
Trying to get a feel for what the Montmartre neighborhood feels like? Get away from the front of Sacre Coeur immediately. If you’re within sight of a carousel and people selling cheap Eiffel Tower keychains, you’re deep in the heart of about-to-get-scammed-ville, but if you walk just a few blocks off, Montmartre is a fun area that has a very Parisian feel with plenty of locals. Take some time to explore the small streets and wander; you’ll be surprised to find that only a few blocks away from the flocks of tourists, you’ll be right in the heart of this lively neighborhood. Trek over to Barbes-Rochechouart and Goutte d’Or, also known as “Little Africa”, then go north to Rue Marcadet and Rue Lamarck, which are full of restaurants, cafes, and small boutiques. Grab a beer at any corner brasserie, like La Cave Café, watch the locals walk by, and pretend you’re Parisian.

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