Salle Denon

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Musée du Louvre, Paris
Denon Wing (South Wing of the Louvre)
1st Floor

Room 76 Salle Denon

This ornate square room usually contains a gift shop with windows looking out onto the Louvres Courtyard (Cour Napoléon)


It is also a junction, with thresholds into three major halls with large scale paintings:
Room 75 Salle Daru Neoclassicism, France
Room 77 Salle Mollien Romanticism, France
Room 6 Salle des Etats Venetian Renaissance, Italy (Mona Lisa Room)

360Cities is the source of 360° Vitual Reality media
It provides 360° views of some major spaces at Le Louvre, including
-Grand Gallery
-Napoleon Courtyard
-Sculpture Courts

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