Countdown (2019)

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Use the Three Weeks Remaining

Two Weeks in Advance

Last Week

Prep for your First Week Back at the

Each year we provide participants with a daily countdown till our departure to France

Packing List
Start Packing (Put it is a Box)
Put it in a Suitcase

Take care of your other Holiday, Year End Responsibilites ahead of time

Travel Desk: Reservations, Tickets, Maps with Directions

Things to Do

Start Walking
We are not heavy walkers. We run several times a week for marathon training and commute to work on a bicycle, but we don’t walk.
This will catch up with you after spending a day in Paris walking
-walking to Museum
-walking through Museum
-walking back home

Stop your mail delivery

Notify Credit Cards of travel

Learn French


Get Into Shape

Clean the Nest (you don’t want to leave your home in shambles
(garbage and dirty dishes in the sink)

Confirm Flight times and reservations

Research current exhibitions and Local Paris News

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