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Théodore Géricault (Rouen, 1791 – Paris, 1824)
French Painter


In the Louvre’s Salle Mollien, among the rooms of Large Scale French Paintings, Théodore Géricault is a prominent artist
(I pronounce it “Jerico”)
His works include:
-a series of horsemen (such as The Charging Chasseur), Géricault was a horseman himself, unfortunately a horse accident may have contributed to his early death at 32
-a series on the insane, dead animals and severed heads
(my La Chat Mort page is popular for some reason – maybe there is a band called the Dead Cat)
The Raft of the Medusa his huge iconic historical painting was quite confrontational at the Paris Salon of 1819

Géricault’s image reclines atop a monument at his tomb in Père Lachaise Cemetery

Raft of the Medusa Le Louvre

The Dead Cat Le Louvre

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