The Louvre (James Gardner)

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The Many Lives of the World’s Most Famous Museum

I bought the Kindle and Audible Book
EVENTUALLY even purchased the Hard Cover Paper Book
So that I could reference specific passages (you really can’t do that on the kindle)
Interesting Revelations
Napoleon Suite was never occupied by Napoleon III
The different ways that pieces of art were acquired
Major changes at the Louvre in our lifetimes
The evolution of the Couer Napoleon
The Louvre as a Studio
The Louvre as a Hotel
The Louvre as a Palace

You might need to be a Louvre Nerd to appreciate this book, but for me it is a GREAT reference
(some times I play the audio book when I go to bed – I will wake to hear a story of live-in artists at the Louvre becoming a problem because they would do-their-dirt in the Grande Galerie)

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