Catherine de Medici

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(sometimes discounted at the (“f**”) daughter of a rich italian banker)

Catherine de Medidi was a Major Monarch in French history
Wife of a King, Mother to two more Kings, became Queen of France (when Henry II sustained a fatal injury in a jousting tournament) She brought the Italian Renaissance, Major Cuisine and even the “Fourchette” (fork) to France

The Galerie de Medici at the Lourve displays 21 large canvases, dranaticaly commemorating the life of Catherine de Medici, as commissioned by Peter Paul Rubens

Her Palais de Tuillerie was said to be the best part of the Louvre complex. Marie Annoinette lodged there when in Paris, the Napoleon (I) resided there, with the Mona Lisa in his bedroom (not at the Napoleon III apartments exhibited at the Louvre currently)
Catherine Palais BEFORE
The Palais de Tuilleries were ransacked during the French Revolution, and sat deserted for many years before being sold for reclamation
Catherine After

Kings and Queens of France

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    June 13, 2021 at 5:06 am

    […] Catherine de’ Medici (1519 -1589) painted by Peter Paul Rubens Catherine de Médicis reigned from 1547 until 1559 Built the Tuillerie Garden Palace […]

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