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Before there was plumbing and fresh water
(Paris now has some of the best Public Water in the World)
It was Bad
(although almost certainly, no worse than any other congested place at the time)

“Look Out Below” originated when chamber pots were poured out onto the streets below
Leather Umbrellas were used to protect yourself while walking the streets

Voiding One’s Bowels was not uncommon . . .
-in the Grande Gallerie of le Louvre (when artists resided there)
-in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles (apparently there were limited options)

Today, the main concern is “chien merde” (dog poop) which I’ve only heard of being a problem
(I have never slipped in poop when in Paris, and have rarely even seen a dog)
Dog Poop

The Pissoirs (public urinals) provide another current solution on today’s Paris Streets

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