La Tête de Veau

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La Tête de Veau
We are at odds whether is use our rare, visit to Chez Denise in Paris, consuming Tête de Veau
It seems to be a bland dish with a great sauce, maybe an interesting texture
When I had blood sausage at a Alain Ducasse restaurant, it was boring
Whereas I had Andouillette Sausage at Ma Bourgogne (it stands as one of my favorite meals)
I had Mutton Stew at Chez Denise, (would not order it again because there are so many other options) but the Mutton Stew was worthy of a meal at Chez Denise
So do we go for the rare French Classic, or simply something delicious
We ordered Tête de Veau on Tuesday (the only day which is available) It was a communal experience – when I voiced my orders, I received nods of approval from other tables.
Customers fall into two distinct camps. “It is either ordered by those who grew up after the war, still remember rationing and know that it is wrong to waste anything, or a much younger group of chefs and restaurateurs who feel somewhat obligated to order a dish that is not on anyone else’s menu.”
(Nick Lander – Financial Times)

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