Paris 2021

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December in Paris
Mona Lisa Police
Catacombs (Finally made it down into the Catacombs)
Hotel 3 Colleges
Hidden Hotel
Pompidou Baselitz Tour (One-on-One)
l-Orangerie English Tour
COVID Test (get a negative test within 24 hours, or don’t come home)
Business Class
Health Card (“pass sanitaire”)
Man with Wine Glass
Wine (and Champagne
Versailles Run
Eiffel Tower Run
The Producers
Romeo & Juliet, Wine and Cheese (Unattended and Cancelled)
The Louvre during COVID
Josephine Baker at the Pantheon
CDG Airport (Long Lines at Border Control)
Tete du Veal (Chez Denise)
An American Breakfast in Montmartre
Four Hotels
A Good Hotel Breakfast
The Bidet Experience

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