Homme au verre de vin

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Man with Wine Glass (Anonyme) Louvre
(with Wine Bread and Cheese)

Man with a Glass of Wine

This French Painting from the Louvre, dated from the late 15th century, epitomizes my visits to Paris.
Bring home a different bottle of Wine or Champagne with a new loaf of bread and a good cheese.
These are the “Simple Pleasures” of many days in Paris

My parameters:
-I don’t go into Wine Shops (“cave à vins”) or Cheese Shops (“fromageries”)
-I do shop bakeries (boulangeries) and
-most grocery stores have prepackaged sliced round loaves of Poilâne

Wine and Champaign: was not well known champagnes which came in a thermal sleeve
but a clean easy bottle that you could drink all day and maybe even brush your teeth with
Bread: will always be from my favorite Montmartre Boulangerie
and accessible Poilane loafs (as David Lebowitz sez “a reason to live in Paris”) deserve special mention
Cheese: Lots of good wine, bread and Cheese in Paris, but my favorite was a fermented goat cheese, a relatively thin-wide round, which was slightly greyed and didn’t have much structural integrity.
Displayed on a styrofoam tray, in plastic wrap, as it warms it spreads out (SOOO GOOD)

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